1. The majority of the time, radon removal does not mean that your home has to undergo any sort of structural damage. Most people get nervous when it comes to radon removal because they believe that every time radon is removed from a home, the removal team has to cut through the foundation of the house, or destroy the homes plumbing. The idea of radon removal is so traumatic for some folks that they prefer to not have their homes inspected at all. Of course, not having a radon inspection done is very unwise and you should never avoid something which could help you preserve your health. In actuality, radon removal is often done with a system of vacuum pumps which are lanced deep into the ground and then sucked up with pressure. During this type of radon decontamination, there is no damage done to a house and little more damage done to the property of the house besides a few small holes. There are instances when it is necessary to dig further down than a pump may be able to go, but this does not mean that your house has to be wrenched from its foundation.
  2. There are special systems which ventilate radon gases away from your home. When your radon contamination is in the form of a pocket of gas in the earth, the gas can creep up slowly into your living space and contaminate your air. There are methods of radon mitigation which use small ventilation below your house and which draws in the radon fumes up using a low power fan and lets them out above your living space. You have a check point to make sure that your fan system is running, as the failure of the fan system will reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of the system. For many people this is a huge surprise because they thought that removing contaminated sectors of earth was the only form of radon contamination control. The results from radon mitigation using these systems of ventilation is up to 90% and the design of these systems is such that you will never even know that you have a system working in your house.
  3. There are places were failure to install proper ventilation systems in areas which are known to have high levels of radon, is a crime. Up to the current date, radon abatement is an extremely useful way to avoid serious health problems, but for a growing number of people across the land, it is a great way to avoid legal problems. The rise of public health and the spread of knowledge about radon’s dangerous potential is the reason why in more cities are tightening the regulation on radon levels and enforcing stricter penalties for those who do not follow the rules of radon detection and the proper method of dealing with radon in a occupied space.  Especially among those who own various properties there has been a significant degree of caution taken in the last few years with radon and its removal.


Getting your home checked for radon and utilizing radon reduction

Most of the time when radon leaks into an unsuspecting home it comes through as a gas that pushes its way up though tiny cracks in the house that funnel the gas into dangerous areas throughout the home or business. There is however another, albeit less common way that radon can come into your home without you knowing it and that is through your water supply. Because of all of the steps that western society has taken in order to protect our water supplies and make it safe for everyone, radon coming in through the water supply has decreased substantionally during the last few decades but in some cases it still does happen and people do need to be at least aware of this possible risk.

While there are a few possibilities as to how radon can get into your water supply, one of the most common ways is when radon goes from the soil into the ground water which goes into peoples’ drinking water without going through the proper purification processes. As with all forms of radon contamination, it is particularly dangerous because radon has no smell or taste and is invisible. Without the right detection methods, radon can go unnoticed in a home or place of business for years until someone finally notices because the family or people in the building for any other reason start to have a certain set of health problems. In a way radon coming in through your water supply can be even more dangerous and pervasive than radon gas coming in because of how frequently people use their water supply. Radon in the water is not only dangerous when it is consumed by drinking it or cooking with it but it can also pose threats when people use it to brush their teeth or wash their hair.

radon mitigationIf you suspect that your house might be invaded with radon by any means, it is important that you get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible in order to make sure that your family is not put into any sort of danger. If you suspect that there might be radon in your workplace or even if you have just never got the building checked, the company owners might be breaking the law so it is even more important for them to call up a radon mitigation company and have the problem looked at and solved as quickly as possible. Usually the process of radon remediation is fairly easy, does not take very long and is generally not very expensive.

The first step if you are not sure if your home or company has ever been checked for radon or if you fear that it has been a long time since your last check is of course to call up a radon mitigation company and have the place checked out. While the chances of your home or work place being affected by radon is not very high, just knowing and being able to take steps to ensure your family’s safety is well worth the phone call and the check to make sure your home and business place is safe.

Let the Professions Do Your Radon Abatement Testing In Your Home

When considering someone to do radon abatement testing and removal it’s very important to find someone that is a certified radon abatement specialist. Don’t try to do it yourself. If you do it yourself or try to find someone to do it that is not certified to be a radon gas removal specialist, you can actually make things worse and you could actually cause more radon to come into your home. You can get the names of companies or persons who are certified by getting a list from your local state radon office. They should put some test equipment in your home for at least 48 hours or more to get a true accurate average of the level of radon in your home. They can do a quick check but to be accurate, the test should be at least 48 hours or more. Discuss this with the person taking the test before you hire them.Radon Abatement You can actually take bids just like you would any other contracting job for your home. Some people are cheaper but find out how they do their testing and get references. This is an important safety issue to take care of for your home. Make sure that you are hiring experts in the business.

MTN Inc. are experts in the field of radon abatement. They have been in the business for over 20 years and they have a stellar reputation. They have completed lots of projects which include many large commercial properties. You can go to their website and see the projects that they have finished. They also do homes, so if you want this done to your home call them. They will come out and give you a free inspection. Then you can decide if you want to hire them. They are experts and will do the right job and charge you the right price according to your home size and home much work they need to do for you. Don’t take a chance and hire someone that is not experienced. This company is determined to help families by getting them to have a safe level of radon in their home. Once they test for radon and decide what the average level is, they will make sure that your home is taken care of and that everything is done to get your home to the safest level possible. They want to make sure that your family is safe.

Lung cancer has always been thought to be a disease that affects people who smoke. But this is not necessarily true. Lung cancer can also be acquired from radon gas emissions coming into your home through foundation cracks, leaks in pipes, or leaks around sump pumps. It’s important to find the source of the problem and let the experts find it and fix it. After they do their work, you will feel so much safer and secure. Radon abatement testing services are actually lifesaving if your home has higher level of a dangerous gas that has no symptoms.

The importance of radon detectors and radon mitigation

When I was a kid we used to have a radon detector next to our smoke alarm and it took me the longest time to figure out just what in the world it was. My parents vaguely tried to explain it to me but in my mind something that was colorless, tasteless and odorless probably couldn’t be all that bad. Now as an adult though, I know and can see just how dangerous radon really can be, in part because it is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Without a detector radon can go unnoticed in homes for years until it eventually ends up making someone sick or causing some sort of birth defects.

Radon can be extremely cancerous and can cause lung cancer if it is inhaled over a long period of time. In fact it is estimated that more than twenty-one thousand people die every year because of cancer caused by radon exposure. As with almost everything else, radon is bad for everyone over time but can be incredibly dangerous for small children and the elderly so if you are pregnant or are having a senior move in with you it is even more important to make sure that you install a radon detector and then call a radon mitigation company if there is any radon sensed anywhere in the home or office.

radon denverThe best thing to do to prevent radon from becoming a problem in your home or office is to first of all install a basic radon detector; usually you can buy them at any hardware or home store. This will be an easy and effective step at letting you know as soon as any radon threats emerge. If the radon detector goes off at any time it is important that you call a radon mitigation company like SWAT Environmental in Colorado as soon as possible, after all, radon can get worse over time and so if you wait to call up a professional you are wasting time and causing even more hard to yourself and your family. Once the SWAT Environmental radon mitigation team comes by they have a number of proven radon abatement techniques that will reduce the presence of radon in your home. After this your home should be safe from radon gases again. If something is ever to change and more radon finds its way into your home, you still have the radon detector and can work from there. Radon can pop up a few times in any given site depending on the history of the location and so it is important to always have the radon detector up and running just in case anything ever changes. It would be terrible to only do a check once, get an all clear and then have a radon problem emerge later and have it go undetected. Once you have a radon detector set up in your home though all that you have to do is to check the batteries whenever you do your normal battery check for your smoke alarms to make sure that everything is working properly.

Do not get distracted from buying a new home because it needs radon mitigation

Beginning the process for purchasing your new home is a daunting one. Between trying to decide on the price you can afford, the type of mortgage you want, and the neighborhood you want to live in, there are so many different things occupying your mind during this process. You have to think about home inspections, the bank you are using, and whether or not you like your realtor; not to mention whether or not you like a home you might be looking at. With so many balls to juggle when buying a home, try not to let anything distract you or throw you off at all. There are many different ways in which this can happen.

1. You do not like the results of the requested sewer inspection. This is a huge deal, in the respect that you should always ask for this before purchasing the home. However, even if it comes back in less than ideal condition, there are several different options for repair and the sellerradon remediation is always responsible for fixing those types of items. Either they fix it or they knock the price of the repair off of the house and you can choose to fix it yourself. But a bad sewer inspection can disappoint a lot of people, when really, they just need to consider the various options. Do not give up completely on a home because you did not like the sewer inspection results. Proceed carefully, but there is almost always a reasonable and affordable solution to the problem.

2. Your radon test comes back with elevated levels of radon present. This is another well informed test to request, but the results can also be scary if a buyer does not know what they are looking at. They might see high radon levels and think they will be exposed to cancer causing agents and cannot live in the home. In truth, radon mitigation services are affordable and simple. Once you have discovered there are high levels of radon, hiring a company such as Mountain Mitigations will allow them to begin the installation process of a radon remediation system in the home. Radon remediation systems stay in place and continually monitor and adjust radon levels as needed going forward, so as long as the system stays current, you will have no concerns. This is another one that is very affordable and even negotiable with the seller.

3. The home you want needs a new roof. This author definitely recommends treading carefully here, because this one can vary depending on the extent of the problem. Getting an independent estimate of the amount of work and the cost of that work is critical to negotiating your way to a new roof paid for by the seller. Getting a roof repaired is not something to mess around with, so you want to be sure that you are moving into a home whose roof has been repaired recently or has come back in good condition from the inspection.

These are just a few of the ways in which a buyer can get distracted, but with a little help, can focus and get through the difficulties to a new home.

What Exactly is Radon Mitigation?

radon removal

When first presented with the phrase, “radon mitigation” you might end up being a little bit baffled, as this isn’t always a very commonly discussed topic.  First and foremost, it is concerned with the safe elimination and testing of the element radon.  This is a naturally radioactive element found in the earth’s crust, and it naturally occurs from natural deposits of uranium throughout the world.  As the earth’s crust slightly decays, these radon pockets are released into the surrounding permeable areas of soil.  While all of this is natural in the world, there are moments where this isn’t always the most ideal case.  For example, many buildings that are built on top of these permeable soils are more likely to have the danger of radon seeping into their occupied spaces.  It is important to know all of the dangers of the world, so you can appropriately respond to them, and the danger and presence of radon is no different.  Thankfully, there are plenty of groups out there that can test for any present danger of radon, regardless if there has already been a building present, or if people are planning on building on a certain plot of land.  One of these companies is MTN Inc., and they are the most dedicated groups that are working towards radon removal in the greater Denver, Colorado area.


MTN Inc. works with a various amount of organizations, both public and private, in order to assure that each living or working condition is completely safe for all people involved.  The dangers of radon are very real, and it has been noted that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, right behind that of cigarettes.  Even though it seems dangerous, the diligent workers at MTN Inc. are more than able to practice their duty of radon mitigation, as they have had industry experience for over 20 years!  If anything, that should be an indicator of the quality work they have done throughout the state of Colorado.  Not only do the good people at MTN Inc. take care of radon mitigation, but they also provide a multitude of other services for your home or businesses such as methane and vapor testing, waterproofing of buildings, and accurate and diligent monitoring of your property as far as invasive and dangerous gasses are concerned.  MTN Inc. also offers free consultations, so you will be able to know what kind of services they can provide, and what kinds of immediate actions need to be taken, if applicable.


In the end, it is going to be a wise decision to have your building checked to see if there is any presence of radon.  If you haven’t had your building checked recently, make it a point to call MTN Inc. to have them perform radon remediation services as soon as possible.  Even if you’re looking to develop a property, MTN Inc. will also be able to test the soil in the area for any radon pockets, and will quickly and efficiently by creating proper ventilation systems for your building.

Protect yourself from radon poisoning with radon mitigation from SWAT Environmental. environmental is a tremendously powerful entity that we as a human species have somehow managed to lump into one giant and somewhat unclear term referring to the many different vibrant ecosystems on the planet. There are so many different aspects of the environment of the earth for us to be in awe of, and sometimes the planet’s powers almost demand a certain deference and respect. One of the many ways the planet manages to keep humans in check is through radioactive materials. Even though we have tried to harness this power ourselves as an energy source, we have largely failed to do so and have mostly ended up causing more harm than good with our experiments. Even still, the vast majority of human illness caused by radiation comes from a little known chemical element known as radon. Radon is an incredible part of the chain of radioactive decay. Indeed, it’s impact is widespread. As an isotope of radium, radon is part of a large family of radioactive elements that have been present on earth for billions of years. Radium is produced by uranium and thorium, and radium then produces radon through radioactive decay. It is radon and its “radon daughters” that cause the most problems in humans when it comes to radioactive poisoning and health problems. 

There are a few things that make radon very dangerous and radon mitigation so important. First, radon, unlike the other elements in the chain of decay up until this point, is gaseous. This makes it very easily inhaled and very difficult to avoid. Have you ever tried to catch a cloud and pin it down? It is impossible because it is a fluffy collection of water molecules. The same goes for radon. Catching a gas in a contained space and keeping it from poisoning other spaces is very difficult to do. It is for this reason that radon has caused so many problems for humans. Radon is very easily inhaled and is, therefore, responsible for the largest amount of public exposure to ionizing radiation. It even tends to be the largest contributing source of a person’s “background radiation” dose. Even though radon gas has a relatively short half life, it can still end up concentrated in far higher than normal concentrations in some buildings and especially in basements and crawl spaces because it is a heavy element. For this reason, it tends to drop to lower spaces rather than exist in higher areas. For the same reason, it can also concentrate in some spring waters as well as hot springs. Radon becomes dangerous in these settings because it is easier to inhale large concentrations of it and also not very easy to escape it. When you live in a place that has higher concentrations of radon, it becomes part of your everyday air supply. Moreover, radon daughters are solids that can stick to the airways and cause problems. You should call in the SWAT Environmental team to check your radon levels and start the radon reduction process if you think you may be suffering from high concentrations of radon.

Home owners in Colorado should consider radon mitigation

radon mitigation

Are you a new home owner that recently purchased your house in the Colorado area? If so here are a few pointers on what you should do to ensure that your home is safe to raise a family in. As many of you may know, it is a good idea to have a home inspector come to take a look at your house inside and out. Home inspectors can take a comprehensive look at several different things in your house. For instance, a home inspector can tell you if there are leaks in your roof, whether the insulation in your attic and in the walls is adequate, if there are any termite infestation and the general overall health of the frame of your house. What a home inspector cannot tell you though is whether or not your house is experiencing a high level of radon exposure.

Many of you might not know what radon is so this article will be a brief overview of the things you need to know about radon gas and radon exposure as well as how you can prevent dangerous build up of Radon in your home to keep your family safe.

Radon is a basic gas and part of the periodic table. It is one of the heaviest gases that occurs naturally on earth and these are called noble gases. If you type “radon map” into any search engine you’ll find a color-coded map of United States. Because radon is a heavy gas it is often found in the earth or at low points of buildings and structures. If it is found out that your home is in danger of radon exposure because of where you live relative to the radar map you may want to contact S.W.A.T environmental and inquire about their radon remediation programs. This environmental company has been helping residents of Colorado mitigate their toxic levels of radon and keep them safe. You can do this in a number of ways but really the process of radon reduction is quite simple. First, you have to locate the source of radon entering your home and then find a way to ventilate it.
Often times radon enters the home through the basement or cracks in your foundation. If your house was not there this Radon that was emitted from the earth would dissipate into the atmosphere and begin the process of recirculation. However, since human beings like to create airtight dwellings this radon can get into your home and not have a way to escape. It is then that you need to call a radon abatement company to come in and assess the damages.
I recommend that you call S.W.A.T. environmental because they have the most experience of any radon abatement company in the area. In addition to performing basic radon extraction by installing filters and ventilation units in your house they can also keep your air pure by recommending air purification systems and helping you install them. S.W.A.T. makes it easy to get rid of radon!

Radon abatement helped me sell my home

I had recently broken up with my boyfriend, and since we had been living in the house that I owned, he moved out into his own place. I had been antsy for a while and the break-up gave me the perfect opportunity to start looking for a new job and a new place to live, or to travel. I spent several months applying for jobs, and even interviewing for a few of them, when I was finally offered a fantastic opportunity to work abroad as a public health analyst with a government agency, heading up a vaccination program.

radon remediationThis meant I would be leaving the city, which I was happy to do, but I would have to sell my house first. I had few options otherwise. It would be difficult to rent out from abroad, and I did not have anyone around who would be able to serve informally as a property manager. It also meant I would need a realtor and a lot of work done quickly. I hired a realtor and asked for specific advice about how best to show the home and how to get it sold in the shortest amount of time possible. Because I had a deadline of only about six weeks, she recommended a lot of stuff up front. Have the inspection done ahead of time, and request a radon inspection test at the same time. If there were repairs to make or radon mitigation needed, those would take time and I would need to take care of them before any buyer would take a chance on the home.

Luckily, the house was in quite good shape and the inspection came back largely very positive. The only thing was that the radon test kit had revealed higher than normal levels of radon, and it was time to consider professional radon removal. My realtor pointed out that there are a lot of companies who do this, but she recommended Mountain Mitigations for the most timely and affordable service. She was right. They offered radon abatement for all different kinds of locations, and they were able to make an appointment to discuss the results of the radon inspection kit quickly. While I worked on this, my realtor was busy putting the house on the market and trying to schedule showings, so I also had a professional housekeeper come through for cleaning. My sister is an interior designers, so she came in and rearranged my furniture to have the house show in the best possible light as well.

It all worked out really well. In the end, I received several offers and two of them were above the price at which I could not sell the house, so I went with the higher of the two. The sale actually closed only days before I was to leave for my new life, so it turned out to be very good foresight to have dealt with the inspection and radon situation ahead of time. It saved a lot of hassle and energy, and ultimately meant I started my new job on time.

Information On Radon Reduction In Drinking Water

radon abatementRadon exist in the form of a vapor when the natural element uranium breaks down from the soil into the atmosphere. Though it’s naturally and has little side effects when the gas is released into the outdoor atmosphere, incubating the gas in the home – where little ventilation is available will usually have fatal effects on occupants in the home. This is because radon exposure is likely to cause lung cancer.

Thankfully though, if the substance does manage to make its way inside the home, there is usually radon reduction services that can eliminate the presence thereof. Even when radon is detected homeowners will also need to sign off on disclosure forms for hazardous substances if they plan to sell the home.

Radon can furthermore be found in drinking water, and this should be tested too when hiring radon mitigation services. The radon in drinking water usually escapes from the ground level soil under the foundation of the home and into the plumbing systems through pipes.

When the tests are done for radon, experts will usually check if these levels are safe or unsafe. Furthermore if the water is from a public or private source, several other courses of action can be taken to help mitigate the problem.

Radon can further be transferred from drinking water or pipes in the home, and vaporize into the atmosphere.

Based on statistics the number of deaths resulting from radon exposure each year is more than 150 nationwide, of which lung and stomach cancer were the culprits.

The main types of buildings that should be tested for radon exposure include:

Homes – as individuals spend a great deal of the day residing in their abode.

Daycare Centers – just as how second hand smoking can have serious health consequences, especially on younger ones, radon exposure too can cause serious side effects with its radioactive properties. The day care center can be tested with a DIY testing kit, though a professional is recommended.

Schools – are similar to daycare centers and these may cover a range of age groups. It’s important to have schools tested for radon at least once per year. The department of health for instance has been included in the federal radon reduction action plan to raise awareness of this substance.

Offices – need to be furthermore tested given that work is where most individuals spend a great portion of their day breathing in air. If the air quality is bad, and is indeed inclusive of radon elements, then radon mitigation experts should be called in as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

Here are some tips for protecting the health of yourself and loved one, or employees as discussed earlier:

Be sure to test the home at least once per year.

If your water source stems from a well, be sure to have a professional radon abatement service test this area.

Visit sites like the EPA to learn more about the latest updates in radon hazards as well as other dangerous substances in the home including lead, asbestos, mercury and others.

Don’t let radon poisoning get the best of you!

When you think of dangerous compounds and materials, radon is definitely one of the top compounds that comes to mind. While it is certainly a natural compound and something that is formed naturally due to the natural and normal decay of uranium in the earth, it is still terribly problematic for radon to be near you and your family! Just as with any poisonous substance, radon can cause serious and long term problems for you and for your loved ones. It is critically important that you make a change in your day to day life to rid yourself of contact with radon and to make sure that you and your family are safe from the dangerous side effects that come from regularly inhaling and being near radon. What exactly is radon, though? And how in the world are you supposed to avoid it or get rid of it, especially if your home is located, very unfortunately, on top of a uranium deposit that is decaying and causing these harmful gases and materials to leak? Radon is no joke, and certainly not a substance to just ignore and hope that it goes away. Radon removal must occur in order for you and for your family to be safe from its dangers. Radon is not just a gas that floats around inconveniently and causes a cough. It is a cancer causing and dangerously radioactive gas. It is colorless, so it is nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. It is also odorless, so if you are living on top of a decaying uranium deposit, you probably will not be able to smell the gas wafting through your home. Moreover, it is also tasteless. This means that the three senses we depend on to locate dangerous fumes and chemicals in the air are useless when attempting to combat radon poisoning. The gas is formed as deposits of uranium located throughout the earth’s crust begin the natural process of decaying. It is the same process that is used to create energy through nuclear fission. As the radon decays, however, the gases that are produced float up through the crust and are especially dangerous for humans. When this radioactive material is inhaled, it causes lung cells to alter and change. As we all know, alterations in lung material enter up increasing a person’s potential for lung cancer. In fact, radon poisoning is the second leading cause of lung cancer. It follows smoking as the most dangerous lung pollutant. And, just like smoking, it can be avoided through a few simple steps in radon mitigation

If you think your home might be poisoned by radon, do not wait until it is too late to get help. Colorado’s number one choice for radon abatement, MTN INC., offers prompt and professional radon testing as well as mitigation services, so that you can rest assured that your family will be safe from the harmful impacts of radon. The staff knows just how important it is to solve a radon problem early on, so do not waste another minute. Give them a call today!

MTN. Inc.

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S.W.A.T came and reduced radon levels in our home

radon reduction

Having a baby has changed a lot of things for us. Regardless of what we thought was important or what we value the most before having a child, everything comes second to our baby girl. Her health and well-being are the number one priority for both my husband and myself. That’s why when we discovered the levels of radon gas were high in our house we contacted a company so they could help out. I had never heard of radon before nor had I any familiarity with the several radon reduction companies in the city but I learned a lot and a short period of time. I figured that by coming on and writing this blog I could help other people in a similar situation avoid the runaround and hassle I went through. If you know the steps to take and the signs to look out for you can keep your family safe and free from radon.

So, you are probably wondering exactly what radon is. You may also be wondering where in your house the radon could be building up and what can be done about it. The answer to the first question is that radon is everywhere. It is a basic and noble gas found naturally occurring in our atmosphere. Because it is so ubiquitous in nature you can find radon gas virtually everywhere. You have previous in radon gas before whether you know it or not. So then, why do we consider radon gas to be dangerous? The answer to that is a little more complex.
If the foundation of your home is porous it can allow radon gas to seep through the foundation and into your basement or crawlspaces. Since radon gas is relatively heavy on the periodic chart it likes to sit in low places. You will not find high levels of radon in your attic or upstairs but it is the basement and crawlspaces you have to worry about. As I mentioned before, great on gas occurs naturally and is part of the air we breathe. It becomes dangerous when it is concentrated in your out attic or crawlspace and high levels of this concentration can be harmful to your health.
Call Colorado’s radon mitigation leader S. W. A. T. Environmental for a consultation. They can send a radon testing unit to your home so you can see if Riddon levels are normal or high. If you find that the radon levels in your home or hi you should call immediately to schedule an appointment. Don’t be full into thinking that you can adequately solve a radon problem yourself. Yes, there may be several systems available to the consumer on the market today but only a professional company can truly detect microscopic levels of radon and know the best way to get rid of it. Radon abatement is a science that has to be applied by a professional. This environmental team has been in business since 1988 and has installed over 50,000 units across the country. They can gauge the airflow if your home and know which route would be best to ventilate and read your home of radon.

Radon Reduction Ensures Workplace Safety

Radon is silently a hazard for Colorado residents. Radon is a toxic, radioactive gas that emits from the ground, making basements and cellars particularly susceptible for reading high radon levels. Radon is thought to cause a number of negative health effects, but we can be quite certain that it is a strong contribute to lung cancer. Radon abatement is the first step to making sure that you and your family is safe from the negative effects of radon. Check the basements to make sure that you do not have cracks in your foundation, through which radon seeps into the basement and, consequently, the rest of the house. Next, check to see if your water supply have been affected by radon. Radon can be a particular hazard to children. But so far, we have only talked about homes and resident radon remediation. But of course, radon is not simply confined to residential areas. Radon does not discriminate between residential areas and public areas. And it does stop at commercial areas, too. Especially, if you are working in the basement of a building or in a building that even has a basement, you want to make sure that your workplace is safe from radon. This is especially the case if you are the business owner. The business owner may find himself or herself liable if a worker is negatively affected by radon. As the business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have cultivated a safe work environment in which your employees are able to make a living wage without harming themselves as a necessity of their work. If there are high levels of radon in the workplace and those employees are required to go to that place, then this does not meet the requirements of a safe workplace. The burden is even heavier because, in fairness, you would never know if there was radon in your workplace or not without the technical tools of a radon specialist. Like residents in Colorado, you have to make sure that you have informed yourself about radon. You will not know that your employees are in danger until they are already sick. That is why it is just good practice to call a radon specialist every so often to test for radon in the workplace. Other radon mitigation strategies can also include installing an air purification system. As an employee, you have the right to work in a place that does not endanger your health unknowingly. Push your bosses to have your building tested for radon. They may have not even thought about it until you bring it up. As just mentioned, it can be a challenge because you cannot smell or see radon. Because it is so hard to detect by the senses (impossible, rather!), then there is a greater demand to increase your awareness about radon. Make sure that your workplace is safe and clean, whether you are an employee or an employer. We should be able to work in a place that safe and clean.

radon remediation

Reshape Your Healthy Living with SWAT Environmental

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Hiring a company such as S.W.A.T. Environmental is pertinent since you need to ensure that the company you intend to hire will work diligently with you to do any necessary Radon reduction.
For many homeowners, they are unaware of what radon is and how detrimental it can be for the body. When it comes down to it, it is simply just unwarranted to lack knowledge in the area of radon since it can directly affect you or your family daily.
What is Radon?
Radon is a tasteless, odorless and colorless gas that is also extremely radioactive. It comes from many mining plants and the material is difficult to come across. However, many people encounter radon gas on a daily basis just by entering a building. Heavily intoxicating for the lungs, a person can find himself or herself coughing profusely and not even understanding the reason as to why they are coughing.
Checking Your Home for Radon
One of the most important things to do when you first purchase a home is to get it tested for radon levels. You need to know how extreme the radon is in your home and how you can properly prepare yourself to combat it. A higher radon level means that there are even more radioactive gases you and your family are inhaling daily than other homes.
S.W.A.T. Environmental handles Colorado radon mitigation and ensures that you get every aspect of your home inspected for radon gases.
Hiring S.W.A.T. Environmental
Unlike other companies, S.W.A.T. Environmental makes it their mission to ensure that you are receiving the best and utmost services when it comes to your radon remediation.
Hiring this company, you immediately feel comforted because they ensure that you are receiving the utmost service, no matter what. They understand how difficult it can be to find a company who wants to work with you diligently enough to get the job done properly the first time. That is why they have dedicated themselves to you, to ensure that you are going to get the best reduction in radon possible.
They begin with checking your inside heaters to ensure they are completely reduced of radon. Some tests might take several days depending on how heavily centralized your heating and air conditioner is in rooms. Some rooms can test positive while others can test negative, which is why it is important for them to do adequate testing to catch the radon.
They will even check the soil around you and your drinking water, which are the leaders in radon exposure. They understand how difficult it can be to get the radon from the soil, but they will work with you to help you remove all radon levels or get them to a point where they will not hinder you or your family any longer.
Try S.W.A.T. Environmental
Call this company today for a consultation so they are able to test your ground for radon. They understand how difficult it can be to do have to be a homeowner experiencing radon levels higher than normal, but they want you to have peace of mind and can comfort you through each step.

How SWAT Environmental Helps You

S.W.A.T. Environmental Promises Adequate Services











Hiring a company such as S.W.A.T. Environmental is important for you and the success of your home. When you are raising a family, it is vital to check all environmental hazards, including radon. High levels of radon insist that you and your family inhale more radioactive gases than typical families do. radon remediation will be the first step to ensuring your home is safe of all environmental hazards
Hiring S.W.A.T. Environmental Today
When you are looking for the best environmental-friendly company, you need to look into S.W.A.T. Environmental. This company works well with you to ensure that you are receiving the utmost service. They want you to know that you are capable of getting the best Radon reduction and they will work hard to prove this to you.
How Does the Process Work?
One of the questions asked by many people in regards to their radon issues is, “How does the process work for me?”
Well this question has a multitude of answers varying based upon the levels of radon in your home. Since many homes are radon-free, the testing is as far as the process goes. However, for those who do have radon exposure must sufficiently hire a company that will work with them to ensure that they are receiving the proper Colorado radon mitigation.
S.W.A.T. Environmental will meet you halfway and will ensure that you are receiving only the best and advisable services. For many, this means that they will have the S.W.A.T. Environmental Company representatives come in and set up testers around the house. Although home-tests are easy to acquire, you will want a professional such as S.W.A.T. Environmental to set up their own home tests because they are premium and the professionals know how to set them up in the right areas of the home to test for radon.
Sometimes tests must be administered over several days, so they will work with you to help you set up the home tests. You need to ensure that you have all of the necessary information to set them up.
The representatives come back to check the home tests and record the results. They will then chart where your radon levels are and work from there.
Those with no radon or very miniscule levels will have nothing to worry about and the S.W.A.T. Environmental team will promptly leave the premises. However, if you do have radon, you will need to have your home further investigated. Throughout this process, you will notice that the company will do multiple tests on soil, water and heaters to see where the radon is primarily coming from so they are able to identify and fix the issue.
Reduce Your Radon Now
Reduce your radon now to ensure that you are receiving only quality services. You know that you have people on your side who will work diligently to ensure you are reassure you have low-to-no levels of radon in your home. S.W.A.T. Environmental being in the top tier of quality companies willing to work with you.

Top Safety Equipment to Install At Home

radon reductionWhen renting or owning a home, there are some precautions that every owner is advised to take? These include the installation of one or more of the following. The more, the better.

Radon Sirens – if the siren goes off, be sure to call a radon remediation specialist as soon as possible. Radon is proven to cause lung cancer and other types of health risks.

Smoke Detectors – in the event that residents in the home are sleeping and a fire is started for instance, smoke detectors alert owners and make them take action fast. This means exiting the property and alerting the fire department if the fire is out of control. For smaller fires, such as when cooking for instance, a fire extinguisher should be kept handy to eliminate small fires that can quickly turn into very large problems.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – this is a silent killer and can be caused by the HVAC system and other sources in your home. It’s important that every home is equipped with one.

Burglar Alarms – while these may not be essential, they can still be considered and life or death tool.

One other option is to hire a security service provider that combines all of the above services and more. From radon testing and abatement services, to instant locks that can only be cracked with a key code, and even being able to control all of your appliances while you’re away from home, the combined service can be locked into one affordable price. Nothing beats peace of mind.



Top Safety Equipment to Install At Home

radon reductionWhen renting or owning a home, there are some precautions that every owner is advised to take? These include the installation of one or more of the following. The more, the better.

Radon Sirens – if the siren goes off, be sure to call a radon remediation specialist as soon as possible. Radon is proven to cause lung cancer and other types of health risks.

Smoke Detectors – in the event that residents in the home are sleeping and a fire is started for instance, smoke detectors alert owners and make them take action fast. This means exiting the property and alerting the fire department if the fire is out of control. For smaller fires, such as when cooking for instance, a fire extinguisher should be kept handy to eliminate small fires that can quickly turn into very large problems.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – this is a silent killer and can be caused by the HVAC system and other sources in your home. It’s important that every home is equipped with one.

Burglar Alarms – while these may not be essential, they can still be considered and life or death tool.

One other option is to hire a security service provider that combines all of the above services and more. From radon testing and abatement services, to instant locks that can only be cracked with a key code, and even being able to control all of your appliances while you’re away from home, the combined service can be locked into one affordable price. Nothing beats peace of mind.



Where To Purchase Radon Home Testing Kits

radon abatementHave you recently heard about the health risks of radon, and how common of a problem this gas has become nationwide? Perhaps you viewed this tidbit on a commercial aired by a radon abatement expert. Or, maybe you came to this knowledge from your own research or exposure to someone who has been unfortunately exposed to the substance. One of the most common dangers of radon exposure is actually the threat of lung cancer. If you want to avoid this before it starts, be sure to check out home testing kits that you can use yourself. These can be found in many places including:

Home Improvement Stores – think Lowes, the Home Depot and other reputable names.

Online – you can easily buy and ship such products to your home with the few clicks of a mouse.

At The Local Walmart – Walmart is usually stocked with affordable alarms and testing systems that you can use on your own.

Radon Remediation Service Providers – another alternative is to ask an expert to test your home for you. Not only do these companies provide testing services, they inspect the source of the problem, and ways to eliminate future radon invasions. In addition, expert service providers will know proven ways to reduce the levels of radon in your home, so that you’re able to stay there safely without worry of impacting your health in a negative way.

Another scentless and tasteless gas you should keep an eye out for is carbon monoxide. The above shopping destinations will also stock up on testing kits.

Entering Into A Radon Abatement Contract

Radon contractors are licensed and certified by your state and maintain a level of expertise you can’t find with a general contractor. Because radon is so dangerous, you want to make sure you enter into a contract with your contractor to reduce radon that protects you and your family. Here are some of the key components to make sure is in your radon contract. What is the total cost of the job from start to finish and including all taxes and fees. What is the payment schedule (i.e. is there a deposit or full payment due at time of service)? How long with the process of radon remediation take from start to finish? Who is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits and fees association with radon mitigation? What are the building codes necessary to know about and who is responsible for that? Ensure there is a statement regarding liability insurance to protect your family in case of injury or damage to property during service. Make sure the contractor is required to clean up the property after service and details of warranties. Double check there is a clause about radon levels and that the contractor is expected to reduce levels below the negotiated level. Is the warranty and guarantee transferable if you go to sell your home? Finally, what is expected of you as the homeowner to complete before the radon work is to be done on your home. These will help you to have an adequate and binding contract in place to protect your home and your family during the process.

Colorado Radon Mitigation

Radon is not an issue in apartments.

I just asked the guy that did the inspection on my new home about whether I should be worried about radon on the fourth floor and fortunately he responded negatively.  I guess radon is only really an issue for subterranean apartments and homes.  Man, right now my spelling and ability to type is really going out the window.  I only have two more of these to write, so I better get them done. I am curious what the process of radon mitigation actually looks like.  Because it involves the soil around the house, I have to imagine that it involves the movement of dirt, but that would usually require quite a bit of construction.  Instead, I hope there is a process that involves little to no movement of dirt and is economically effective.  If radon and ruin your home’s resale value, it would be excellent if it was cheap to go through the process of radon reduction as well.  I am curious how many people in the city of Denver would have had to go through this process.  It seems, after looking at a radon map, that Colorado has quite a bit of decaying uranium in its soil  Now I am not super sure about what I should be writing about.  I am thrilled that I only have one more article about radon to go and then I get to go onto another subject.  In the future, I am going to keep doing what I’m doing to get as many done as possible.

radon remediation

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